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About Us

SteedSpot is the Collective and Collaborative works of Artists Steed Corulla aka "5T33D" and Al Azar "Bucky WunderLick".  The two met in 2007, and with a shared love of Skateboarding, Street Art, early Hip-Hop, and Pot Culture...they quickly became close friends. In 2008, they began collaborating on Music and Art, when Azar started the Musical Experiment known as "NeuHuman".

Over the Years, the artists relationship has grown into one of true symbiosis as each of their combined talents is used to transcend and compliment each others which yields into what you see before you here at SteedSpot; Art, Apparel, and Music.  We Hope You Dig the Vibe!



To Infiltrate, Propagate, and Inspire Culture


5t33d - Illustrations, Line Art, Songwriter, Vocalist

Bucky WunderLick -  Graphic Design, Digital Art, Multi-Instrumentalist Songwriter and Album Producer